19 Oct, 2019

GoodWell certification shines the light on our relationship with our people.

A round, blue logo with white text that says “Proud to be GoodWell certified”

We’re nothing without our practitioner partners. So we treat them the only way we know how.

We spend our days as a business looking after the wellbeing of our clients and their people. It stands to reason that we are transparent about the treatment of our own – those who partner with us to deliver our highly valued service. 

Ethics, fairness and a humane approach to partnering with our practitioners are words on a page without an independent review. We’ve partnered with GoodWell once more to have them determine how well (or otherwise) we treat our practitioners.

Seated Massage has successfully achieved GoodWell certification for fair, equitable, and humane workplace practices.


GoodWell’s certification method uses 11 metrics to determine if an organisation is healthy and sustainable.

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The process gives leaders an objective view of their practices as an employer and an opportunity to demonstrate their values to employees and the community at large.

Employers are looking for a valid way, beyond lip service to demonstrate they are providing a positive, empowering organisation to work with. GoodWell certification provides this in a quantifiable, transparent way and helps turn workplaces into a powerful advantage for attracting and retaining talented employees.

Pete Gombert, Founder and CEO, Goodwell

In 2017, we were an early adopter of the GoodWell certification and through continuing our relationship with them, we hope to be an influence on others in business, particularly in the corporate massage industry and in the gig economy.

We didn’t have to do this. Our practitioner partners are not employees of Seated Massage.

We chose to highlight that any worker, full or part time, contract or gig, can not only be treated equitably, but feel like they are part of an extended family. We recommend GoodWell to any business who puts its people first.

About GoodWell

A public benefit corporation headquartered in Boise, Idaho, GoodWell is an independent performance standard that strengthens employee satisfaction by certifying fair, equitable, and humane workplace practices.

GoodWell’s certified organisations range from small businesses to global nonprofits and large municipalities. Its 100% metrics-based certification system provides actionable management insights and a framework for benchmarking and improvement. These human metrics are designed to work for any employer regardless of size, industry, geography, or organisational structure.

Find out more about becoming GoodWell certified here.