Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to in the Seated Massage Frequently Asked Questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call on 1300 891 343.

We’re here when you need us.

How do I book massage at work?

For urgent bookings, please call us as soon as possible on 1300 891 343 to secure a visit date. For all other bookings, use our online enquiry form. Once we receive your enquiry, you can expect to hear from our friendly team within one business day.

How many people should I book for?

If you have 50 people in your workplace, we suggest basing your enquiry on 35 people initially. Time can often be added if extra people decide on the day that they want a massage at work.

We don’t want you to book more time than needed. We always recommend gauging with your employees before you book how many will participate, but as a guideline, we normally recommend you err on the side of caution. If you’re not sure how many people to book for, give us a call.

Depending on the number of people you want to book for, you may need a multi-day or multi-practitioner booking. 

What if more people sign up than I booked for?

Often time can be added to your visit on the day (if your booking is 5 hours or less per practitioner) to cater for extra people, depending on how your visit has been timed. And of course, extra visits can easily be arranged subject to minimum requirements.

How far in advance should I book?

You can book as far in advance as you’d like, however to avoid disappointment, we recommend providing 2 weeks’ notice to make sure practitioners are secured for your preferred visit date/s. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee next day bookings but always do our best to accommodate them where we can, subject to availability.

For bookings within 7 business days, please call us on 1300 891 343 as soon as possible to secure your preferred date.

What is your massage pricing structure?

We charge hourly with a three hour minimum investment per practitioner, per visit. As each workplace and event is unique, we provide an individual proposal based on the number of recipients, massage type, timeframe and number of practitioners needed to provide massage. Please fill out our enquiry form to get an indication of the price range for your requirements. 

Please note: Time can be added on (but not subtracted) once your booking is made. A minimum charge of 30 minutes applies for time added on your visit day.

Do you price match competitor quotes?

Our clients appreciate the quality and value we provide, and the good we do in the community. Our massage pricing reflects this. We’re experienced and confident in what we do and we charge appropriately. Rest assured, you and your employees will be pleased you chose to partner with Seated Massage, and will notice the difference from partnering with a certified B Corp organisation in every aspect of our operations, from our customer service through to the quality and care of the massage practitioners attending your site. 

As the most experienced corporate and event massage providers in Australia, we strive to set a high benchmark for our industry, in both what and how we provide to our clients and how we can benefit those less fortunate. Every time someone books a massage with us we pay it forward to underserved communities through our support of OzHarvest (#EveryMassageGivesTwice).

When is payment required?

For initial visit/s, we issue your invoice upon booking. To secure your booking, payment is required prior to your visit(s). Subsequent visits are invoiced upon completion of each visit cycle.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payments made via credit/debit card, or via EFT. Credit/debit payments incur a 1.75% processing fee. Details of how to make payment are on your invoice.

What locations do you service?

We are national and service major metropolitan areas across Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong.

What type of onsite massage is best for my team?

You know your workplace and people best, so ultimately the decision about what type(s) of massage is best is yours. We’re available to help you work out what will work best for you, but here’s some extra info to help you decide:

Chair massage: Of all the types of massage we offer, this is our most popular. Why? It offers unmatched comfort, and is the ultimate choice when time and a quiet space is available. This option best suits sessions of 15 or 20 minutes, we bring all the equipment, and your people get a fantastic, fuss-free massage. 

Roving massage: This option is often chosen when time and space is more limited, or when it’s challenging to schedule individual appointments. The recommended length is 5 or 10 minutes per person, and involves our highly professional practitioners moving around the building offering people a short break to unwind and be mindful. 

Table massage: The ultimate choice when time and a quiet space of good size is available. Sessions are best suited for 30 or 60 minutes and are a great option for small teams and for organisations that really value the benefits of regular massage.

Do we need to provide any special equipment or do your practitioners provide these items?

Nope! Any and all equipment needed to conduct onsite massage is supplied by Seated Massage practitioners, including relaxing background music and aroma oil diffuser / burner (if appropriate for your workspace). We use citrus aromatherapy-quality essential oils, which are uplifting, energising and freshen the air.

What are your Covid and Flu Safety Practices?

Safety is our number one priority and we take our massage protocol (Covid-19 and influenza included) safety extremely seriously. We invite you to view our Safe Massage Policy and Protocols, which are updated regularly. Please notify us of any other Covid-19 and influenza requirements and protocols your workplace/event has upon booking so that we can accommodate these and notify our practitioners.

What if our workplace requires special certifications or minimum insurance amounts?

All of our practitioners hold police checks but if your workplace has special entry requirements, such as a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC) or a minimum Public Liability insurance amount, please let us know upon enquiring or booking. This will enable us to select a massage practitioner that meets your requirements (subject to availability).

What if I need to cancel, reschedule or reduce the visit time?

a) No financial penalty applies if a booking is rescheduled or cancelled with not less than 2 business days notice before the agreed visit date.

b) If a booking is cancelled by you within 2 business days of the agreed visit date, 100% of the fees for the booked but cancelled service is payable. This includes any reduction in the number of hours booked.

c) If a booking is rescheduled by you within 2 business days of the agreed visit date, 50% of the fees for the booked but rescheduled service is payable.

Exemption: Cancellations directly resulting from local lockdowns or government imposed restrictions that prevent Seated Massage from visiting your premises do not incur any financial penalty. You will be entitled to a full refund, credit note or a rescheduled visit. This does not include change of mind.

Do you offer visit flexibility / split visits across multiple days?

Ask us about splitting visits across multiple days to accommodate different ways of working and recipient availability. We’re adaptable to your requirements in this changing environment and can make massage work for a wide variety of situations.

Change of mind due to outbreaks / work from home etc will only apply if the criteria in the question ‘What if I need to cancel, reschedule or reduce the visit time?‘ is met.

In addition to our own Covid and Influenza-Safe protocols, we are accommodating of any other requirements and protocols your workplace/event may have. Please let us know at the time of booking.

Do you offer onsite massage trial sessions?

We don’t offer free trials of our service. Massage is scientifically proven to be beneficial, and we see the difference our work does in people’s lives day after day. We go out of our way to make sure you receive the best service from go to whoa, and we guarantee our work. 

As with starting any new workplace initiative, consistency is important for continued success. While one-off sessions are beneficial, fun and enjoyable, we highly recommend starting with a three visit pilot program (each session is charged at standard rates). This helps determine if regular massage will provide the greatest wellbeing impact for your people (we’re confident it will – 85% of our corporate clients are regulars). 

If your organisation is only able to commit to a one-off session right now, that’s totally fine. Your team will have a fantastic experience and will be able to report back on whether massage at work is something they’re interested in receiving again in the future. Listening to people when it comes to their wellbeing at work is what will give the best results.

Can employees continue working during their massage?

Short answer, no. Long answer – would you like to ask that question again? Employees can remain at their workstation but we do request “tools down” during a massage at work to make the experience a comfortable, enjoyable and effective one. Investing in massage (employee wellbeing) means allowing people a few minutes (or more!) to relax and refresh mentally and physically, which can’t be done if they are focusing on other tasks.

Can massages be self-funded by staff?

We issue one invoice payable by the employer or event organiser. While most organisers fund the Seated Massage experience themselves (an act which is met with great appreciation and has invaluable benefits), if you’d like your people to partially or fully fund their massage, please arrange reimbursement with them internally. We strongly suggest Seated Massage recipients be encouraged to make a small donation to our partner charity (OzHarvest) as a way of saying thanks for their massage. This can be done easily and seamlessly when using our online recipient scheduling.

What are your visit/operating hours? Can I book for a weekend or after hours?

Our usual operating hours are 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. Onsite massages on weekends and visits made outside of our usual operating hours can be arranged as part of your booking (marginally higher rates apply).

​​We only want massage during the breaks at our conference/event. Can you do this?

No. Our minimum investment required for all bookings provides you with 3 hours of massage time. The ideal scenario for most clients (and our strong recommendation) is to have practitioners booked from just before the morning tea break until the end of the afternoon tea break. This provides massage for delegates throughout the day, not just in the breaks.

Many conference organisers place the massage chairs and practitioners within the conference room/s for delegates to enjoy a short massage without having to leave the room.

Discuss your needs with us directly. We’ve provided massages at hundreds of events and will have a solution – whatever your situation.