Simply: To help people feel fantastic about themselves and be more engaged with the world around them.

Utilising ethical and effective touch, Seated Massage can improve how people relate to and interact with each other.

When we feel fantastic, we’re more sociable and capable of being beneficial to others, at work, at home and in our community.

As a purpose driven business, this is the greatest measure of our success.


Seated Massage is the world’s first B Corp certified massage company!


B (benefit) Corporations meet verified higher levels of transparency, accountability and social and environmental performance.

Being good as a business must be in-built and is validated through certification. This recognition provides our clients with a clear point of distinction between massage providers.

Being the best corporate massage company in the world is not enough for us. We strive to be the best for the world!

Why is this is a big deal?     Our mission and values


Relationship is the cornerstone of why we do what we do.

We engage with and encourage people through affirming touch, thoughtful questioning and respectful listening to help them change not only the culture of their workplace, but the world, for the better.

27,786 massages

passionately given and eagerly received in workplaces nationwide

Since 1 July 2016

73 % clients

choose recurring visits from Seated Massage no more than a month apart



OzHarvest rescue fresh food delivering it to 1000+ charities and shelters to feed needy Australians. Every $1 invested in OzHarvest returns $6.43 to the community.

As a proud member, a min. 1% of sales are invested in 1% For The Planet.

15,782 meals

committed to the underserved through OzHarvest. 1,706 of these by our practitioners

Since 1 July 2016

5.26 tonnes

of food waste avoided and re-distributed through Ozharvest

Since 1 July 2016


Environmental responsibility helps drive our decision making. Every operational detail is considered for impact.

We actively invest in the organisations listed and offset our greenhouse gas emissions through Pangolin Associates.

26 tonnes

of greenhouse gas emissions offset for all operations and massage practitioner transport with Verified Carbon Units

Since 2016

98 hours

volunteered by Seated Massage directors with Conservation Volunteers Australia, Trees For Life and OzHarvest

Since 2016

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