6 Dec, 2016

The professional Workplace Massage practitioners guide

three Massage Practitioners giving chair massages at an event

To sustainable products, suppliers, certifications and association memberships.

We ask you to consider the following, particularly regarding your dealings with us and the work you do with us when in client locations. Seated Massage places the utmost importance on ethical, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible products and services at all times. We think it’s important to pass on to our industry when we find value, transparency and accountability in a product, supplier and service.

We’ve done the leg work for you.

We believe it is way overdue to have our industry come together as one. As a collective voice calling out to all professional practitioners, manufacturers and suppliers everywhere to buy sustainably and gain and maintain appropriate certifications. We have spent countless hours vetting, researching, questioning and testing and have come up with the following endorsements and recommendations for you, our fellow professionals.

Your clients will appreciate you all the more knowing you make informed decisions about every aspect of your professional life.

We’ll add items, services, suppliers and certifications once researched and vetted by Seated Massage.


IKEA towels and sheets due to their sustainable production and the renewable nature of the product. They are always available and importantly to us and our mission, accessible to and affordable for all massage practitioners everywhere. Check the info and link to Massage Warehouse below for fitted table and face cushion covers.

Massage lubes

Reva International massage balms, oils and gels. Australian made from natural ingredients predominantly sourced locally, they are of the highest sustainable quality. Made with love, they are superb products.

Tissues, hand towels and even loo paper!

Who Gives a Crap? Yes, that is the brand name. We all need these and not only for us and our clients to blow noses and wipe hands and bums. However we recommend the use of these products for massage use, particularly the tissues for use on your face cushion. Simply place your cloth face cushion cover on your equipment and drape 2-3 tissues over the cover (the cover holds them in place), changing for each person. Easy and forest friendly!

Massage chairs, tables and fitted covers

For any new massage equipment and/or equipment covers/protectors we may require, we use and endorse certain Athlegen products and most Earthlite products only.We strongly believe Earthlite makes the very best massage chairs and tables. Their quality is second to none and their manufacturing processes are transparent and sustainable. We partner with Massage Warehouse and Earthlite Australia for these. Tina at Earthlite and Shannon at M.W are amazingly helpful and knowledgeable and strongly believe in the benefits of a positive supply chain and sustainably produced products.

Essential oils and diffusers

We use and recommend Muji electric diffusers;  Young Living Essential Oils and doTERRA. The quality of all of the above is incredible. Muji Electric Diffusers are the bomb, affordable, long lasting, easy to and idiot proof (we’re a testament to that) and supply chains of all are transparent. We wouldn’t endorse them if they weren’t. Sign up to Young Living and doTERRA, become a member and save.

Soaps and hand sanitisers

Organic and with a mission like no other soap company, we recommend Dr Bronner’s without hesitation. And they walk it, not just talk it.

First aid training

As massage professionals, we require first aid training (Provide First Aid – in Australia) and highly recommend it elsewhere in the world where it is not a requirement to practice professionally. We believe it to be a necessity and an indicator of professionalism within our industry. We use and recommend Red Cross worldwide due to their experience in this area. Look for them in your country.

Police/Criminal check (Australia only)

Seated Massage gives preference to practitioners who obtain and maintain a current (not older than 1 years) current police check. In 2018 it will be industry standard to hold a police check. Transparency is key to any successful relationship and what we do is all about trust and relationships. Thus we see this as another professional necessity. We have a partnership with CrimCheck. They are a not for profit organisation providing fast police checks at a reduced rate for practitioners partnering with us.

Finance (Australia only)

Foresters Community Finance are some of the good guys in Australian Finance. They exist to help those requiring small loan finance who don’t have the means for traditional channels, such as a bank loan or credit card. They will talk with you, assess your situation and help organise a business loan for you if they believe it is the right way forward for you. They will not sell you any finance product you don’t need or can’t afford. Highly recommended if you are requiring larger ticket items such as a new massage chair or table of less than $4000.00.

Professional Associations (Australia only)

The Association of Massage (AMT) is a not-for-profit national association of and for massage professionals. They exist to ensure we all as individual practitioners and our industry as a whole, maintain the high level required to safeguard our professional standing as respected members of our community. You need only one association membership and this is it.

The not so small print

Seated Massage Pty Ltd in no way receive any kickbacks for any endorsement or recommendation made. We simply put forward suppliers products and services we personally use, are widely available, accessible and affordable for all in our industry. They must be of excellent value, good for people (generally but mostly with you in mind) and good for the planet. We do not accept any responsibility for any product or service purchased or entered into by you. That you do by your own volition.