8 Jul, 2016

Don’t just do something, sit there!

A woman gets an office massage from Seated Massage

How to make the most of your massage time at work.

Your massage at work is a many splendoured thing. Highly prized for its simplicity and impact, it’s your employer showing you they see, hear, care for and value you. It’s an opportunity for you to simply let go physically and to mindfully un-focus, from your work, your surroundings and if possible, your thoughts.

Because your massage time is designed for maximum effectiveness in a short space of time, we recommend the following to get the best from it.

  • Turn up for your massage a few minutes before its start time. Then you can start right on time and enjoy more massage time!
  • Remember, you are in charge. Let your practitioner know what you want from your massage. Do you have a preferred area of your back, neck, shoulders, scalp, arms and hands to be massaged?
  • Your practitioner is required to check in with you about your current health before starting your massage. Be sure they know if you have any health concerns or personal health information for them.

Clear and concise communication is fundamental to an incredible experience

  • Don’t be a wallflower. Communicate with your practitioner. Give them feedback about how your massage feels to you, whilst it is happening. Let them know during your massage time about the pressure being applied. Is it too hard? Is it too soft? They love this! Because it helps them provide you with your preferred massage experience!
  • “Ooh’s” and “ah’s” and simply focusing on your breathing during your massage are welcomed by your practitioner and they help you to ‘let go’ physically and mentally. Your body and mind relax more deeply. Try it and see.
  • Try to keep chat to a minimum. You will benefit far more from a quiet massage than a chatty one. Practice this. It’s not always easy and your practitioner will take cues from you. Feel free to let them know outright that you’d prefer not to talk, just for the sake of talking. Believe us, you’ll be glad you did.
  • In the unlikely event you don’t feel comfortable about any aspect of your massage or with the equipment being used, let your practitioner know immediately! They’ll stop and make necessary changes or adjustments.

Remember, this is your time. So sit there and ask, demand, what you need and then simply soak it up.

Let us know if you have any questions and feedback.