6 Feb, 2017

Creating instant happy

Staff in a large laundry room washing and folding laundry

We’re all seeking less anxiety and more happiness. It’s only natural. Here’s how one business did so for their people.

“You run a busy commercial laundry service in the suburbs of Melbourne and you want to surprise and delight your employees before the Christmas break? Sure! no problem”.

This is the scenario that played out when we spoke with David from Snowflake Laundry and Linen Service, a commercial launderer in suburban Melbourne during December 2016. David called us directly, wanting to organise a quick and easy way to say a huge thanks to his people for the hard yards they’d put in during 2016. David was super keen to truly show his people how he and Snowflake care for and value them. He wanted them to go off to their break feeling happier within themselves. Within a week, we had Martin, one of our amazing local practitioners, visiting David and his team to share and spread the massage love.

We love visiting all manner of clients in a range of industries. If you’re thinking your business or industry doesn’t fit the bill – that Seated Massage may not be a good fit with your people, think again. We’re all pretty much the same after all. Peel away the masks we all wear and you’ll find everyone, no matter who they are, where they work or what they do, appreciates feeling valued and in turn that little bit happier.

We’re aiming for it to catch on and become a thing!