What to expect after you’ve booked. Let’s step through.

We work hard to ensure your booking and service delivery is easy, faultless and a delight.

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We’re in touch with our designated onsite contact in the days leading up to your visit, as a friendly reminder and simply to check-in to see if they have any further questions. It is paramount we have satisfied their needs, answering any questions and providing all details required. Then the countdown begins! Woohoo!

On the day

Your practitioner(s) arrive with plenty of time to spare, to meet with their onsite contact, discuss any details and familiarise themselves with the environment. They get to work setting up any massage equipment (chair or table) required.

Whilst we strive to keep it all relaxed and easy, timing is crucial to a smooth visit. Practitioners are sure to be onsite and ready to start on time and make every effort to keep to time throughout their visit.

What happens during a massage?

Your practitioner will briefly question each recipient before starting their massage to understand any existing health concerns. This takes all of 30 seconds and is vitally important** information. On very rare occasions, they will err on the side of caution as they are ethically and professionally required to do so and will choose not to massage an individual.

No removal of clothing is required as our massage is generally conducted through clothing, unless clearly agreed upon prior to each individual massage and only when table massage is utilised.

After being eased onto the massage chair or table, or asked to sit back in your office chair with arms relaxing in your lap, you’ll immediately start to unwind. The effects of positive touch are transferred to you from the outset.

Don’t be afraid to tell your practitioner what you want and prefer. This is a time when you are in control. You are effectively designing your own massage.

You will notice any tension in your mind and body starting to melt away. This is because our practitioners are well trained and understand what’s required to engender this.

Your massage is designed to relax and refresh you and to help refocus your mind. They provide opportunity to disconnect and some well deserved downtime.

Where time permits, the key stress areas of the upper body are treated such as the back, scalp/head, neck, arms and hands.

And if you’re fortunate to be receiving a 30+ minute massage, your legs and feet may be included! Your practitioner will be guided by your needs and wants and we encourage you to clearly communicate this to them.

Our massage is non-invasive. We invite you to tell your practitioner if you are uncomfortable at any time during your session and if you require any adjustment of pressure being applied. Clear and concise communication is fundamental to an incredible experience.

We highly recommend you use your massage time as an opportunity to let your mind wander. It is all too precious downtime for you after all.

Try not to talk to your practitioner (aside from the communications mentioned above) during your massage and we guarantee you will appreciate and enjoy your massage so much more, experiencing a deeper relaxation.

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Post visit

At the agreed visit completion time, your practitioner will speak with their onsite contact and ensure they are happy for them to finish up and depart. They make sure any space they are vacating is left as it was found.

We’re often asked:

“How often should we have massage?” Our response is “As often as you’d like to feel this good!” Enjoy! You deserve it.

** Disclaimer: Although we take great care and are Covid safe, please be aware all recipients of Seated Massage are ultimately responsible for any issues that may arise from withholding health information from their attending practitioner or providing incorrect health information to us or their practitioner. Individual recipients must e-sign the Personal Health Disclosure provided prior to each massage taking place.

We allow but do not endorse practitioner recommendations to individuals. Any information provided by practitioners representing Seated Massage is the responsibility of the practitioner involved and the individuals receiving the information, not the responsibility of Seated Massage.