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14. Which essential oils to use? 3 quick tips for everyday use

Hayley and Lena give you the rub on some common oils and how you can easily apply them in your everyday. Possibly our best video yet!

13. Is your business or employer a good corporate citizen?

Certified B Corporations are. Stu has a chat with the wonderful Kira Day, Community Manager at B Lab Australia.NZL. Links ...
The B Lab Business Impact Assessment:
Torrens University - Intro to becoming a B Corp:

12. Can Ayurvedic lifestyle practices help you?

Ayurveda is a lifestyle health practice from the ancients that can have some amazing health benefits. We employ some of the simple practices. Watch Lee's tips on what you can do today!

11. 4-7-8 deep relaxation breathing technique

The 4-7-8 breathing technique will promote deep relaxation. It is especially applicable before a stressful event (important presentation anyone?) and to help you get (back) to sleep. Quick & easy.

10. Coherence breathing for your every day

Coherence breathing is a wonderfully simple yet very effective method of using your breath to calm yourself. Practice this before your screen time and throughout the day. 2 minutes is all you need.

9. Be self compassionate

Before you can truly be there for anyone else, you need to be there for yourself. Treat yourself with compassion. It's ok to feel and acknowledge to yourself whatever is going on for you.

8. Lie down and let your spine relax. Two easy options.

Do these to feel taller, lighter and definitely more relaxed. Legs up the wall and semi-supine. Fantastic for you any time of the day. Super easy.

7. Basic massage with your significant other - your dog!

Calm your beloved and yourself with these basic doggy massage moves. Poppy is a girl who can't say no to a massage and your dog will no doubt be the same.

6. Get out of your head and start relaxing.

This feels wonderful! A relaxation technique everyone can give and benefit from. Especially good for those of us who spend far too much of the day thinking.

5. The Brazilian Toe Technique

Taught to me by a nun (that's a whole other story), this technique will deeply relax and likely put the recipient to sleep. Take your time with it. Headaches etc, will dissolve.

4. Sitting or standing, is one best? The answer is surprising

It is in fact, the action of moving into a standing position - and doing this repeatedly that is of the most benefit. This is no.3 in a series of 3 workstation videos.

3. Standing at your workstation - setup and better posture.

Standing helps open up and relax areas of your body that tighten and pull your body out of balance when sitting for long periods. This is no.2 in a series of 3 workstation videos.

2. Sitting at your workstation - setup and better posture.

Sitting at your workstation is ok! And there are a few important things to consider. This is no.1 in a series of 3 workstation videos.

1. Start with the basics to help relieve tension.

Ok, it's time to take the weight off. Relax, watch this 3 min video through once, and then again, this time following the super-easy and gentle moves.