With Seated Massage, safe hands are just the start.

We are very particular about who we send to you. Naturally, all practitioners we partner with are professionally trained and individually insured, meeting industry standards. What sets them apart is how much they care about what they are doing and who they are touching.

This is the differentiator between average and great massage practitioners. Seated Massage only partner with practitioners who demonstrate integrity, passion and purpose. We appreciate you expect and deserve this standard of excellence.

Seated Massage is a member of The Association of Massage Therapists and The Australian Traditional Medicine Society, national industry associations representing qualified and student practitioners.


Meet some of our practitioners

Our practitioners are covered
Practitioners representing Seated Massage hold professional indemnity insurance, a senior first aid certification and a national police check.

Standard of care
Practitioner membership of at least one state or territory industry association is required. An additional safeguard for you and your people.

safe practices

Safe practices
We emphasise clear communication between practitioner and recipient. This can determine whether a massage proceeds or continues.

Owned and driven by Lena and Stu MacRae, Seated Massage has developed from humble beginnings in 1993 to the force for good it is today. Propelled forward by our belief that everyone deserves safe and loving touch we strive to ensure all stakeholders share in the delight and irrefutable benefits that exceptional, high quality corporate massage delivers.

And we have a global vision for our industry and all clients: To collaborate to benefit the underserved and the planet.

Read about our purpose

Culture Manifesto

Our culture manifesto reflects our cultural values, purpose and mission. It clearly states what we believe, who we are as people and how we operate as a business. It is for you as much as it is for us.

Driven by a simple purpose

To help people feel fantastic about themselves and be more engaged with the world around them. Read more about our purpose.

On a mission to

Promote prosocial behaviours in workplaces, provide meaningful work to good people and to benefit social and environmental causes, impacting underserved communities.

Guided by our core values

Do the right thing

  • Consider the social and environmental impact of everything we do.
  • Be open, honest and transparent in all communications.
  • Be conscious of how actions and words affect others.

Focus on relationship

  • It starts at home. We believe family matters above all else.
  • We are present with and respectful of every person we have contact with.
  • Leave everyone we touch feeling better about themselves.

Keep it simple

  • Massage is beautifully simple. Don’t turn it into more than it is or need be.
  • Wellbeing needn’t be boring, complicated or bogged down in rhetoric.
  • Simplicity means greater accessibility, efficiency and less stress.