Flexibility and Safety are our middle names.

As your people spend more time in the office, we're providing for them in a flexible and Covid safe way.

Seated Massage safely treating people at the recent Newday Summit at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

There is increasing focus on the role employers can play in supporting their people in our Covid world. Businesses are seeking ways to engage their teams and provide a sense of new beginnings.

Whether employees are predominantly working from home or allowed to decide when and where they do their work, it’s important to reconsider the function of the physical office space.

The workplace should become a place where people come to collaborate, share and exchange information, creatively solve problems, build a community and identity – not a place where you sit before a computer or take phone calls and do your normal work”- Frederik Anseel

Physical workspaces are all about providing a space for connection.

Time spent in the office helps to restore a sense of community and belonging, whilst reducing the risk of loneliness and other mental health issues. It helps to create a clear distinction between work and home life.

A great way to build excitement about being in (or returning to) the office is through massage.

Massage provides mental health benefits that come from simply being acknowledged. Safe and ethical touch is a way of reassuring, calming, offering support and empathy to your people. A few minutes can be all it takes to remove some of their mental load.

You can also feel assured in knowing that we’re COVID-Safe and flexible with cancellations.

Ask us about splitting visits across multiple days to accommodate different ways of working and different schedules. We’re adaptable to your requirements in this changing environment and can make massage work for a wide variety of situations.

For change of mind, bookings can be rescheduled or canceled up to 2 business days before your visit. For lockdown situations, there is no financial penalty if your visit is unable to go ahead.

We’re simply here to help.