You can succeed because of your quieter nature, not in spite of it.

Megumi Miki started Quietly Powerful as a movement to help quieter professionals succeed on their own terms rather than having to ‘fix’ themselves.

The quietest voice in the room often has the smartest things to say.
Everyone has something to contribute. Pic: Bermix Studio

And Quietly Powerful Leadership is needed now, more than ever, as no one person can know everything and lead in this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world.

The key attributes of quietly powerful leaders are that they’re comfortable with who they are, they are present, and they are purposeful.

They’re comfortable in their own skins by appreciating themselves fully, both strengths and weaknesses.

Presence is developed through this comfort, reduced anxiety, and adapting to develop their presence.

Being purposeful is critical to remain authentic. With a clear purpose, we can adapt our behaviours, learn new skills, and not feel fake. And know we’re doing it for others or for something greater than ourselves.

A quiet approach to leadership allows for real listening, complex problem solving, deeper relationships, selling and influencing without being pushy, facilitating dialogue and difficult conversations with respect.

We can all start to challenge beliefs and systemic biases in how we determine ‘good’ leadership.

Whatever your natural style, unlock the music you were born to play rather than what others expect you to play.

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Item reprinted with permission of newday – Inspired leadership for the greater good.