Look around you, Spring has sprung!

We can think warm, happy thoughts. And we'll feel awesome!


Let’s face it, Winter is drab, grey and dull. We get to a point where we crave colour.

And Spring is it! It is a time of regeneration, of new life sprouting forth from the ground and from stalks and branches all around us.

A literal feast for the senses. Can you smell the Jasmin? You will soon.

Natural warmth.

Behold, the sun! Yes it shines much more as we move further away from the Winter Solstice in June.

And it gains in strength, or at least it feels like it and hey, that’s what matters to us! We can feel the warmth of the sun.

Go get some during the day – head out at lunch and sit in the park or simply take a walk. It’s amazing how rejuvenating this can be.

We all need the Vitamin D and we can enjoy it whilst it’s warm and not trying to burn us to a cinder in the middle of Summer.

Get outside again – with or without your pet, partner or children.

Remind yourself of what it’s like to be outside again. In the sun, exercising, meditating, whatever. It doesn’t matter.

Once you do, you’ll be hooked again and will want it everyday. Give yourself some outside time daily and reap the rewards. You’ll likely need fewer layers on too and that in itself is a true joy.

Eat. Lighter. Foods.

Spring brings with it many bountiful food beauties.

On the shelf, they will most likely be the items that look freshest. Our favourites for Spring are Asparagus – green, white and purple (Yum!), Navel Oranges (sweet!) and Rhubarb.

If you’ve never eaten stewed Rhubarb with some apple, cinnamon and honey, you haven’t lived!

It’s easy to find the fresh foods that are Spring produce. Dr Google knows all the answers.

Simply put, look for and eat foods that align with the regeneration that Spring represents, such as leafy greens, whether fresh foods or pre-made such as these Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Yummo!