Do you want to be 1% better?

Great! We all have an extra 1%.

The environment and climate have taken a bit of a back seat this year. No questioning why. But they haven’t ‘gone away’. They simply haven’t been given the attention they still need.

So here’s what we can all do together, with no pain attached. Join with us as a 1% for the planet member and help build a better future for all.

How? 1% at a time. It may not sound like much, but when we all commit to be just a little better—1% adds up. Because everyone can afford to give 1%.

Be an individual and be 1% better.

So let’s take the example of someone earning $65,000 a year.

  • By joining 1%, they commit to paying 1% of their annual revenue. In this case, $650.00 They can also volunteer time with their chosen charities which reduces their financial commitment. 100% of their donation goes to your chosen non profit/s.
  • They’d pay a 1% yearly membership fee of 10% of their yearly pledge – being $65.00. This keeps 1% for the planet running as an organisation.
  • If they’re supporting an Aussie NFP, they’ll be receipted for tax deductibility.

1% for the Planet started as a way for businesses to give back to the environment. Today, their individual members prove that they also have a huge role to play in ensuring our planet and future generations thrive.

Your planet needs you.