It’s winter, it’s cold and many people are going hungry. So what can we all do?

Ronni Khan, founder and CEO of OzHarvest, is asking us all to give as little as $1 to OzHarvest right now. Here's what happens when you do ...

Feeding people and helping the environment by reducing food waste!

OzHarvest rescue fresh food that would otherwise have gone to landfill, creating harmful greenhouse gases (methane) and deliver it to 1000+ charities and shelters around the country to feed needy Australians.

Every $1 invested provides 2 meals and returns $6.43 to the community.

OzHarvest also meet at least 4 (Zero Hunger; Good Health and Wellbeing; Climate Action; Responsible Consumption and Production) of the U.N’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Paul Hawken’s seminal book ‘Drawdown’ lists reducing food waste as #3 on the list of the top 100 things we can do now to help reduce environmental degradation and particularly climate change.

OzHarvest National COVID lockdown stats to end of May (1/3/20 – 26/5/20)

  • 2,348,457 kgs food delivered via yellow vans
  • 7,045,375 meals delivered via yellow vans
  • 91,594 meals facilitated via the OzH App.
  • 83,300 cooked meals produced via OzH kitchen and Hospo Heros (in addition to the meals delivered via the yellow van!)
  • 18 “hospo hero” partnerships
  • 7216 hampers created in-house and delivered via hamper models.
  • 4  Pop-up hubs feeding communities, international students
  • 2 mobile markets into regional locations
  • 7 new vans on the road, including mobile markets and cook meals programs
  • 67 new charities supported in bushfire areas

Finally, here’s a moving little video made by NSW Health showing the collaboration of the pop-up wellbeing clinic in Waterloo, with OzHarvest food hampers and food truck.