Our Corporate Massage practitioner partner highlights: Gaby Macias Guerrero

Showcasing the best of the corporate massage wellbeing professionals who partner with Seated Massage, helping your people feel fantastic and able to engage more fully with the world around them.

The always smiling Gaby.

Please tell everyone who you are.

Hi I’m Gaby. I’m an 💃Ecuadorian 💼Entrepreneur 🐨Australian at heart.

Is Corporate Massage ‘it’ for you or do you apply your skills in private practice? If yes, how and where?

Under the massage umbrella, I treat people from all backgrounds and ages. I do a lot of corporate massages as well as geriatric massage as I enjoy working with my local community

It takes a special kind of person to work as a touch practitioner. Why do you do it?

To put it simply, I do it for the people. It is a privilege to help clients experience relaxation or be healed, on a daily basis. It is all worth it to see the look of relief on a client’s face

How does what you do every day contribute to the greater good of your community, or thinking big, the planet!?

All my house items are eco-friendly and that includes my massage products too! I also run massage workshops back home in Ecuador to teach people to connect through touch, because everyone should have access to it.

And importantly, because you’re a normal (super) human, what is the most normal thing about you?

I love watching films from around the world and making a whole ritual of my morning coffee making.