We need to talk. It’s about your shoulders. How are they feeling today?

Here's the thing: Your shoulders are crying out! Give them some loving and they'll love you right back.

Shoulders relaxed, mind relaxed.
You don’t just feel better with relaxed shoulders, you’re more attractive. Because your posture changes,  your face softens.

Your shoulders are not just there for your arms (and clothes) to hang off.

They are a beautiful and shapely way of defining your stance, your posture and of expressing your confidence. Shoulders are sexy!

“Shoulders back, chest out” was a catch-cry from a by-gone era, however it still has meaning today. Just ‘thinking’ that shifts your posture to one that is more attractive and far healthier for you.

Try it now – close your eyes, sit back in your chair (or stand) and without moving a muscle, simply think about dropping your shoulder blades down your back and pulling them together.

Feel the difference in posture? Your body adjusted just slightly as a result of your thoughts. And it’s the thought processes and the resulting micro-movements like these, done consciously 2-3 times each day for 20-30 seconds, that will help rewire your neural movement patterns. These are far more beneficial than gross movements such as pushing weights and stretching. Train your brain before you throw weight at your body so as not to reinforce bad movement patterns.

So now try doing this exercise, consciously.

Using the same process as above and breathing through your nose and on the out breath, consciously drop your shoulder blades down and pull them together, ever so slightly, I can’t emphasise this enough, and then relax. That’s 1. Do this 10-15 times – or more if you wish, 2-3 times a day. You can thank us later.

And let’s face it, what would your arms do without shoulders? Nothing of course. Absolutely nothing. Then how would you give and receive hugs?! One of THE most important aspects of being alive in this world.

The most beautiful people on the planet aren’t necessarily the tallest however, they have an uncanny knack of making use of the height they have.

Relaxed shoulders go a very long way to contributing to great posture, beauty and ultimately, your overall health.

Whether through massage or your own devices, please start loving your shoulders a little more regularly. It will show. You’ll feel it and others will see it.

Don’t be afraid to be the beauty (male or female) that you are. Upright, confident, and relaxed.