A wise woman, walking.

A little while ago, Seated Massage CEO Lena, took a walk with a few friends in the Flinders Ranges. Time out to re-connect with herself.

Just before wine o’clock, a quick snap with the girls.

“Sure, great for her, but who’s got the time!?”

Lena simply made a conscious decision recently to take the time, regularly, to walk, for herself for no particular reasons other than to reconnect and for fitness. Connecting with herself, her surroundings and like-minded others.

Time doesn’t present itself for personal pursuits, We have to take it. And right now we need these pursuits l more than ever.

Lena needed to get away from the every-day. Like we all do. She just decided to listen to her inner voice.  Taking time out helps Lena be a more engaged mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and business owner.

The demands on Lena are great, from the world of corporate massage and within her business Seated Massage and from family and friends.  And we’re pretty sure you know how that feels. During the week she’s called on to be everything to everybody. Come the weekend …

This time, it was with other wise women for a 3 day-er in the Flinders Ranges.

That track down there? Ok, let’s do this!

About her weekend, Lena says …

I had the most uplifting and amazing time, with wonderful women. I pushed myself physically and mentally in new ways. And after the 3 days, I found that my everyday world didn’t collapse because I wasn’t there! Shock, horror!

It wasn’t all kitty cats and yarn balls … Lena’s accommodation for the weekend.

I got dirty, I was tired and really out of my comfort zone. But you know what? Doing this might become my new comfort zone. So just go do it. Whatever it is for you.

Get out there! Go walk and see what you can see. Even in your own neighbourhood!

Get walking people. In the bush, in your park, or round the block. Go do it, just because. No other reason needed! Isn’t today the best time for you?