Our 2019 impact – it’s always a team effort.

We love what we do because we can impact so many people in a positive way! I mean, why else would we bother getting out of bed every day?

Where we’d like to wake up these holidays. Pic Roxanne Desgagnes.

Ok sure, we’d get pretty hungry eventually. And the dog needs feeding. And ok, a million or so other reasons. None of which are as important and mean as much to us as our ‘reason for being’ (I was going to write raison d’etre but was told that’s being a little too pretentious) – which is having a positive impact on the world we touch and touches us.

Without our awesome practitioner partners and the amazing clients who choose to express their care for their people by providing Seated Massage, we’re only a name and a bunch of ideas. There’s always 3 at the core of this relationship (our client partners, our practitioner partners and us) with many, many more impacted along the way.

So we’re keen to share this snapshot of our impact for 2019 with you

  • Massage hours provided in workplaces / hours of employment of massage practitioners – 7,819.14 
  • Percentage of client partner bookings who receive regular/repeat visits throughout the year – 88%

  • No. of individual corporate massage treatments provided – 29,559

  • Amount invested (we prefer to use invested to be honest because it is an investment in others and the environment) in OzHarvest, our charity partner of choice – 7,964.25 (includes investments made by SM practitioners)
  • No. of meals provided to the needy using the $1=2 meals OzHarvest calculation – 15,928.5

  • Amount of food waste kept from landfill, negating further methane gas (the worst kind for the ozone layer) production using the OzHarvest provided calculation – 5.32 tonnes

  • Carbon credits purchased to offset any environmental damage caused through the day to day operations of Seated Massage, including practitioner travel to client sites – 30 carbon credits (1 credit offsets 1 tonne of GHG).

To all those who have engaged with Seated Massage in some way shape or form in 2019, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to keep doing the good we’re in business to do.

See you in 2020 for even more social and environmental impact.