In pursuit of quiet

We're surrounded by man-made noise. Even when we think it's quiet, it probably isn't. Perhaps a little quieter than usual. So how do we find quiet or better still, silence, in a noise-filled world?

Regeneration: Relaxed body, quiet mind.

Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence. – Desiderata

The world most of us live in, is constantly switched on. You don’t need to be in central Mumbai, known as the world’s noisiest city, to experience extreme noise levels. Go virtually anywhere and you’ll find man-made sound and the vibrations associated.

Google tells us:

Silence is the absence of sound. If there are no sounds, no noise at all, it’s silent. Quiet means something is not very loud. It is not the absence of sound.

Noise pollution is second only to air pollution in the world and is nipping at its heals. And we aren’t conscious of either because they are pervasive.

We can try to counter our exposure to constant noise. But it is a conscious choice requiring us to act. Can we turn it off or ask others to? Are we prepared to get up and move away from it?

Try this right now …

Close your eyes and just listen to the immediate world around you. Take a big breath in … and out. Listen. You’ll very likely be able to list at least 10 separate noises. See if you can count them. External noise is omnipresent.

And if you were to continue sitting quietly for just a little while longer, your thoughts or inner noise would override the external noise. Your focus shifts.

If you were meditating or receiving massage, your inner noise would start to dissipate. And through mental and physical relaxation, you start to experience the quiet and dare we say, silence. The stillness, quiet and silence we all need.

We simply need  to recoup what we’ve lost mentally and physically during our day to day. We need it to regenerate on a cellular level. And we need it to feel human again.

It’s incredible that we’re so used to the ubiquitous man-made sound that even a few minutes of contemplative quiet feels unnatural. And sadly for many, almost scary.

However, it is available to us if we choose to risk being amongst the quiet. It is, in fact, all around us, where we are right at this very moment.

Quiet and better still, silence, is what we already have access to and it can be as simple as closing our eyes and being still.

But we need to let it in. Are we brave enough?

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