The Purpose Project online course is available now!

Our friend and fellow B Corp Carolyn Tate, has released her Purpose Project online training! And everyone can benefit from it.

Find your purpose and contentment follows. Pic Mark Daynes

Do you deeply desire more purpose and meaning every day at work?

Then this online training is for you. We back it fully as we know its benefits from first-hand experience.

When it comes to our work, sometimes we might need a dose of courage to change it. Perhaps our work is not meaningful to us or making a difference or there’s no room for growth or promotion?

Maybe we’re stuck or in transition and unsure where to turn next? Or maybe we have a great job but there’s a latent talent we’d really love to bring to work?

If you’re searching for more purpose and meaning in your job, starting right where you are, The Purpose Project Online Course is for you. The course takes the best lessons from the book and puts them into 7 easy steps for you to follow to unearth your purpose, develop a project and pitch it to your boss.

Here’s some questions posed by a few people (almost) ready to live with more purpose …

Why do I even need purpose at work? Can’t I just pursue it in my spare time? What’s the change I’m likely to experience if I do bring my purpose to work? In other words, what’s in it for me?

Watch here (2 mins)

What if my boss doesn’t care about my purpose and just wants me to get on with the job? I’m already working in a really busy job so how do I find time for purpose?

Watch here (2 mins)


Is finding purpose in my current workplace really possible for me (I’m deeply sceptical)? How do I get started and find my why in the first place? What if I can’t figure it out?”