It’s Winter, it’s cold and some people are going hungry. So what can we do?

Ronni Khan, founder of OzHarvest, is asking us all to give as little as $1 to OzHarvest before June 30. Here's what happens when you do ...

Feeding people and helping the environment by reducing food waste!

Every $1 given is matched. Way to double your giving goodness!

Seated Massage has supported OzHarvest since 2016 for both their social and environmental impact. We’re not interested in our hard-earned going out just anywhere. They are quite simply one of the most effective charities in Australia. Their ‘$1 = 2 meals’ is gold standard in the not for profit sector.

Here’s Ronni’s request …

As many of you know, my purpose, and the reason I created OzHarvest, was to resolve the issue of good food going to waste and help the millions of people who go hungry in Australia – 4 million to be exact, ¼ of these are children.

Fifteen years after I committed to this purpose, I continue to see the problem every day, as well as opportunities to solve it – and my resolve is stronger than ever. We can fix broken food systems, educate our vulnerable communities, and invest in innovation – but we cannot do it alone.

In the last 12 months with incredible and generous support:

–          We delivered our 120 millionth meal

–          We provided food nationally to 1,300 charities

–          40,000 tonnes of food has now been saved from landfill

–          We have delivered education programs for vulnerable communities and set hundreds of at-risk youth on the path to employment

–          Our schools program FEAST launched, educating future changemakers on the value of food

–          The OzHarvest Food App was released, a digital solution that connects those in need with food in remote parts of Australia

I list this out, not to boast of our achievements, but to share this with you as someone who helped make it happen. OzHarvest relies on private donations to keep operating, and without these donations we won’t be able to provide our services to those who rely on it. Unfortunately, that is the reality of being a charitable for impact organisation.  So I thank you once again for believing in OzHarvest and our constant mission to Nourish our Country.

I would be so grateful and humbled if you could once again share in my purpose and the mission of OzHarvest. If you are able to make a tax-deductible donation to OzHarvest before June 30, please do so knowing that between now and Friday 28th June, our friends at Amplify Kombucha will be matching every donation up to a total value of $125,000. I would so appreciate your support to ensure we maximise this generous pledge from Amplify.

Until Friday for every $1 we receive, we can double the outcome of your generosity and deliver four meals, instead of our usual $1=2 meals.

Every donation will help to transform a life, and the future of someone in need.

I’m sorry this is so lengthy but each time I tried to leave out something – I felt it was relevant to your understanding of why your donation is so powerful!!!

As always, with my gratitude,


CEO & Founder


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