Join us. Become part of the Massage Collaborative.

Seated Massage is developing a collective of clients, their people and our massage professionals - collaborating for a common purpose - to invest in the most effective social and environmental causes.

What we’re doing

Wanting to maximise our impact in the world, we’re creating the Massage Collaborative. An easy, efficient and effective way to positively impact people and planet.

This collaborative includes Seated Massage clients, their people (those who receive our massage) and the massage professionals who represent us. All of whom realise the value of doing good better, by investing in researched, vetted and highly recommended charities.

We believe it is our duty in business and as individuals to help the most people and do our best for the environment. Our purpose dictates this.

Firstly, help us choose one or a combination from the below charities. Would you like to see a rotation of giving betwen this group?

Investing regularly. Investing easily – our selection of some of the most effective charities …

Oz Harvest – At Seated Massage, we’ve been investing charitably in the Australian based nonprofit, OzHarvest, since 2016

OzHarvest rescue fresh food that would otherwise have gone to landfill producing tonnes of greenhouse gases. They take the food rescued to hundreds of shelters and related charities in cities across Australia helping feed Australians in need.

Every dollar invested in OzHarvest provides 2 meals for Australians in need

Give Directly – We love basic income. Period. Give Directly are aiming to change the world through simply giving cash to the poorest of the poor, right now in sub-Saharan African countries.

GiveDirectly transfers cash to poor households in low-income countries primarily via mobile phone-linked payment services. It has operated since 2009 and is currently active in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. The charity evaluator GiveWell rates Give Directly as one of the most effective charities in the world.

The average recipient in Kenya is surviving on less than 80c per day.

Cool Earth – How can the rainforest be saved? And why? Well, keeping it in the hands of the local inhabitants is showing to be the best way. They then have a sustainable source of food and income. This what Cool Earth does.

Rainforested areas provide 1/5 of all freshwater, 20% of our oxygen and hold 1/4 of the planet’s carbon. Enough said.

Cool Earth helps local villagers own vast tracks of their local rainforest, for their use. Protecting it forever.

Massage for the true underserved – We are also looking into the option of providing massage for specific Australian charitable organisations such the Asylum Resource Centres in each city.

This is a far more financially costly option than the charities listed above, simply due to the cost of wages in Australia. However, this would be a true ‘pay it forward’ option albeit with a lesser overall impact than the above list. So let us know what you think about this option.

What’s in it for you and your people?

  • The pride of being an early adopter of the Massage Collaborative.
    A founding member.
  • Providing your people with a vested interest in their wellbeing at work as they say a huge thanks! for their massage by investing in those far less fortunate.
  • The knowledge that you and your organisation are doing what you can to improve the livelihoods of the underserved and helping mitigate environmental degradation.
  • Knowing that your contribution is paid forward 100% to the charity we’ve carefully selected (with your help) due to its transparency, cost-effectiveness and impact.

So join with us! Help us choose who to invest in.
We’d love to answer questions you may have about how you can be involved. Action, no matter how small, can indeed change the world for the better.