Looking up can light up your brain. Quite literally.

The art and science of Looking Up and Out is meeting a fundamental human need in our hardwiring for connection.


Look up and out to fire up your brain.

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How Looking Up Can Change Your Brain & Your Life.

The connection you make by looking up and out – at your streets, suburbs and cities, at the sky, trees or the horizon line, and at each other with a glance, smile or short conversation – is more than a way to pass the time.

Looking up meets a fundamental human need in our hardwiring for connection.

When allowed to roam, our brain does wonderful things. By letting it riff we allow ourselves the opportunity to increase creativity, develop new ideas, unearth insights, hone our intuition and solve problems differently by lengthening and broadening our viewpoint to think longer term.

When you look up at someone you light up their brain and start synchronising with them. And we each have the power to rewire both our brain and those of the people we interact with.

In a complex, powerful and beautiful system such as the societies we live in, the power and beauty is in the connections between individuals.

It is what shapes our social system and determines its health, and ours.

Far from being a waste of time, looking up and out is profoundly valuable and utterly necessary.

Great things happen to your brain and your life when you look up and out.

Look up and out!
This post is an edited reprint from LOOK UP framework and invitation.