Is once a year enough for International Womens Day?

No. We reckon it needs to be more regular, simply to keep women in the limelight.

Women in the developing world
What’s wrong with this picture? pic: Max Panamā

Particularly in the workplace. And because you’re reading this, it’s unlikely you’d disagree.

That’s why every day is International Women’s Day to us. We shouldn’t even need to be talking about it.

We’d like to share a couple of wonderfully written items with you. One is a speech, the other an article. About women and their place in the world. Both absolutely worth your time. We encourage you to share these (this page) with the women in your life.

On being a woman

“I am a woman born of women, and we are many. Here is my woman’s truth. I am creative, clever, capable, kind, courageous and compassionate. And so are you.”    Read more

Courtesy Dumbo Feather – conversations with extraordinary people.

What Australia can learn from Iceland about gender equality

“In late 2017, Iceland topped the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) 2017 Global Gender Gap Report, which measures gaps between men and women in the key areas of education, health, economics and politics.” 
So what’s Iceland’s secret?   Find out

Courtesy Sydney Morning Herald