“No matter how advanced we get, the need for human connection remains eternal”.

"Nothing will ever replace that". Says Kate MacAleavey, MBA, consultant, coach and an expert in organisational psychology.

How important is showing appreciation in the workplace?

Very! According to Kate. Having made it her life’s work, she kinda knows what she’s talking about.

Kate is yet to find a single tool more powerful than appreciation when it comes to developmental change within a company, of any size. And it can be as simple as saying thanks in a creative and sustainable way.

The 4 keys?

  1. Keep it simple …
    Your Company is complicated and complex enough! And you’ve got enough to do already.
  2. Use your environment and get creative …
    The clues are already there. Perhaps involve your people and quiz them about what they want or need. This will allow you to build something that is sustainable and possibly self-sustaining.
  3. Add or create something that is sustainable and possibly self-sustaining …
    You’ll want to know that what you’ve created for your culture can easily continue without your input.
  4. Start practicing by starting off small …
    Kick off with one team or department. Test it out before rolling it out.

Kate concludes a recent presentation with these sage remarks

“If you keep trying to (only) engage with people’s minds, if you keep going after their knowledge work, you will continue to be dissatisfied with the output. But if you choose to engage with their soul, with their heart and with their humanity, that’s where the magic is. And the magic is where they create the best work of their lives”.

Does your company culture embrace appreciation?

Watch Kate’s presentation