What gives this 2018 festive season? Your booking with us.

Partner with us this festive season and watch the giving multiply.

We invest in OzHarvest to nourish our country

Your business can join with us simply by choosing to book with Seated Massage this festive season. 

Giving no. 1: Seated Massage are pledging 2% of December and January revenue to be donated to OzHarvest – doubling our monthly giving. When you book with us for December and January, you’re effectively helping us provide meals to the underserved!

Giving no. 2: Your people receive your powerful message of care for them when you gift them their Seated Massage experience. Feeling less stressed and more valued by their employer, prosocial behaviours are enhanced, vital for a cohesive working environment.

Giving no. 3: We continue to provide meaningful work to amazing massage professionals.

Why OzHarvest?

We’re a social impact business first and foremost with a very strong environmental bent. So supporting OzHarvest through regular volunteering and financially makes great sense to us as it’s really a double win.

OzHarvest rescue fresh food that would otherwise have gone to landfill, creating harmful greenhouse gases (methane) and deliver it to 1000+ charities and shelters around the country to feed needy Australians.

OzHarvest have some incredible stats on hand – Every $1 invested provides 2 meals and returns $6.43 to the community.

The War On Waste is now part of the Australian vernacular but is far from over. We all need to be involved in some way. We know from first-hand experience, business is a very powerful way to take a stand.

Would you like us to set up an Ozharvest fundraising page for your workplace?

Ask me how here. It’s an awesome way to involve your people in ‘paying it forward’ when they receive their massage. And to involve them more completely in the process of maintaining their own well-being at work.


Seated Massage volunteer with OzHarvest
Delivering rescued food where it’s needed most.