Are we solving the wrong problems?

Every day, innovative companies promise to make the world a better place. Are they succeeding?

pic Joao Tzanno

Here is just a sampling of the products, apps and services that have been or are being created in the last couple of years, mostly in the U.S …

A service that sends someone to fill your car with fuel.

A service that sends a valet on a scooter to you, wherever you are, to park your car.

A service that will film anything you desire with a drone.

A service that will pack your suitcase — virtually.

A service that delivers a new toothbrush head to your mailbox every three months.

A service that delivers your beer right to your door.

An app that analyzes the quality of your French kissing.

A “smart” button and zipper that alerts you if your fly is down.

An app with speaker that plays music from within a mother’s vaginal walls to her unborn baby.

A sensor placed in your child’s diaper that sends you an alert when the diaper needs changing.

An app that lets us brew our coffee from anywhere.

A refrigerator advertised as “the Family Hub” that promises to act as a personal assistant, message board, stereo and photo album.

An app to locate rentable driveways for parking.

An app to locate rentable yachts.

An app to help you understand “cause and effect in your life.”

An app that guides mindful meditation.

An app that imparts wisdom.

And a new proposal to create an app designed to stop police killings.