Are you following your mission or one determined by others?

If you're not being your authentic self in life and in business, then you are simply living someone else's mission and not your own or that of your business. I think we've all been there, maybe still in many ways. Every thought, every action. Is it theirs? or is it yours.

their mission
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Probably the best example of this for most people is, social media generally (no one platform in particular stands out more than the others I might add. I’ll leave that thinking up to you).

These giants of tech will throw you titbits of you belong every now and then like, ‘we’re here to connect the world’, just enough to keep you on in the fold.

And sure, most of us love to waste some time on one or more of the platforms. Unfortunately, it means we continue to buy into their mission. They need us to play their game. They need us to be part of their mission and we’re all pretty much suckers for it.

That’s all well and good, but I have to for business purposes …

Do you? Do you really? And on their terms, not yours? Please. I need a better argument than that.

But it’s not just social media is it. It’s your employer, your friends, even your family. Pretty much everywhere you turn, people have agendas and want us to buy into their mission.

So how do we break this cycle?

Well if you haven’t done so already, work out what your personal or business mission is and if others don’t align, then ask yourself the question, do you really have the time and energy for them? Is it really that important for you to engage with them because you’re expected to or …

because everyone else is doing it?

If something or someone are not aligned with your mission, you are simply buying into theirs. And that’s exactly what they want. As a Psychotherapy teacher of mine used to say, “If you choose to do something, then do it with awareness”.

Go in if you must but with your eyes wide open.

But you know what?

We reckon it’s high time for us all to create, recognise and embrace our own personal and business brand. Not another’s.

Then it’s your mission. Use it wisely.