Fighting against food waste, for social and environmental impact.

Because we must. It's imperative.


Wasted food!

That’s the amount of the food produced in the world that is wasted and ends up as landfill!

And did you know food waste is the 3rd largest contributor to climate change? It’s appalling and we all need to be part of the solution. Good thing is, we can! It’s do-able and it’s easy!

We’ve supported OzHarvest and their mission to fight food waste for a couple of years now.

And we can proudly say we’ve helped them provide more than 24,000 meals to needy Aussies and in so doing, kept more than 8 tonnes of usually perfectly good food going to landfill.

We do this simply because we care. Our community means too much to us (and that includes you!) to ignore this.

Sure, Seated Massage is a certified B Corp and we are required to support our community however a business doesn’t certify as a B Corp unless the desire to support their community already exists. It’s not an ‘add-on’.

Providing for others is in our nature as people and our business activities simply reflect this. We can’t do it any other way and don’t really get businesses that do. We certainly don’t choose to partner with them.

Buy perishable items that aren’t packaged up. Pic Sydney Rae

So how can you help fight food waste?*

Food waste is a big issue.
Every time we throw something away,
it’s literally costing us the earth. Food
dumped in landfill releases powerful
methane gas, which is twenty-five times
more potent than CO2. Emissions from
food waste are almost on par with the
entire civil aviation industry! Find out more.

The biggest culprits of wasting food are
consumers, who collectively waste more
than supermarkets, restaurants, manufacturers
and farms combined. If you looked in your
bin, odds are you’d find 1/3 of what you’re
throwing out is food and could be avoided.
Find out more

The Good News!
Together, we can fix this food waste fiasco!
The solutions are simple and there is no
greater force than people power. To help,
OzHarvest will be sharing simple ways to reduce
food waste at home when you:
Look, Buy, Store
 and Cook. Find out more.
Please help OzHarvest understand food waste in your home
by answering the quick 5 minute survey below.
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The info following the * is reprinted courtesy OzHarvest.