Danone North America – now flying the B Corp flag

Danone North America, no small timer by any stretch, has been certified a B Corporation. This is incredible news for the B Corp community and massive encouragement for corporates keen to prove and showcase their stakeholder engagement.

Corporate citizens paving the way for others

Danone North America is now the largest B Corp and Benefit Company in the world

In just one year, Danone North America (previously DanoneWave) has achieved B Corp certification, with a B Impact Score of 85.

‘To B or not to B Corp: that is no longer a question’, the powerful announcement by CEO of Danone Emmanual Faber was published following Danone North America’s B Corp certification. He said “it is now proven that it is possible to certify as a B Corp for large organizations that are committed to being change agents, for business and for the world we live in.”

With Danone North America and other subsidiaries already certified, Danone is now aiming to be the first multinational corporation to earn B Corp certification worldwide.

Read what Rose Marcario President and CEO of Patagonia, had to say to Danone North America in a congratulatory letter.

Definitely charting a new pathway for multinational public companies to engage with the B Corp movement, this may well be the beginning of committed and robust leadership from large, multinational corporates. Here’s hoping.

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Info courtesy of B Lab Australia.