Could July be the best time for your EOFY Corporate Massage visit?

Corporate Massage in July sounds like it might be shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. Well, we like to think differently at Seated Massage.

The post Corporate Massage smile is infectious.
The post-massage smile. It’s infectious! Pic Brooke Cagle

Whilst May and June are super popular months for having massage at work, there’s an alternate visit option.

July. Yep, the first month of the new financial year (at least it is here in Australia). And it’s an option we’ve put forward to clients enquiring at this time of year for quite a while.

You see, when we question prospective clients to try and determine how we might best help them with their needs, 9 times out of 10 they tell us May and particularly June, are incredibly busy months and they and their people barely come up for air. Sound familiar?

And yet they are extremely keen to ‘do something’, to say a big thank you to their people for putting the effort in at this time of year. And kudos to them for doing so!

What we’ve noticed over the years however, is that sometimes, due to the often extreme nature of how busy their people are, a corporate massage visit at this time can be wasted on many. They don’t use it. Even when their employer puts it in front of them, to make use of!

Argh! I’m too busy to have a massage and if I did, I wouldn’t enjoy it right now. Can’t you come back in July?

Don’t let us stop you from booking Seated Massage in May and June! It can be a godsend for many.

We’re simply suggesting you consider a July visit (instead of or as well as May and June). You’ll be thanking your people at a time of the year the majority of them can take full advantage of the awesome benefits, both mental and physical, Corporate Massage delivers.