How happiness scientists get happy

March 20 was International Happiness day! But you knew that, didn't you. Well, to add to the mix, here's some tips on finding your happy place.

We all want to be happy. We want to feel it, think it, give it and receive it …

… in whatever shape or form rocks our boats. So we’ll seek it out. We’ll chase our happiness often without realising. It’s just natural for us.

Many people however, do put thought into choosing their happiness practices. And it’s kinda cool sometimes to just write then out. Put pen to paper about some of the things that make you feel, think etc … happy! You’re then more likely to make these happen, sooner rather than later.

There really is something about writing things down!

How we get happy

Aside from the pleasure we get knowing people are receiving an amazing massage every day, we get happy in other ways too!

We’re lucky to live and work near the bush, with km’s of walking, hiking, running and mountain biking trails close by. The combination of moving our bodies, in nature, away from any and all of our day to day distractions boosts our happiness incredibly!

This is one simple and accessible way to boost our happiness on a daily basis.

Science and happiness. Nine happiness scientists share their inspiration.

For some inspiration, the experts—the researchers who are actually studying wellbeing, share briefly about their favorite happiness practices.