“We’re too busy! We just don’t have the time”!

It may seem counter-intuitive but very often the best time to have us visit is when there just doesn't seem to be time.

There's always time for massage at work
It’s your massage time! Pic: Rachael Crowe on Unsplash

Our impact is greatest ..

when we’re able to visit our clients regularly – at least once a month.

Clients can schedule their visits on regular days and the same times creating a level of mental security for recipients.

However there are times when the proverbial hits the fan and there just doesn’t seem to be any time left for well, anything else really.

Your people (or your clients) know we’re coming to visit. The anticipation works wonders for workplace culture.

You know these times.

All of sudden, you feel like you need a holiday!

When you are either running around like a mad thing, not even stopping to eat or you’re glued to your chair powering through the multitude of tasks that have ‘suddenly’ landed on your desk. That voice in your head telling you: “Don’t stop! Just keep going until you get it done”.

Sure, we know them to. We experience them and many of our clients regularly do.  Re-reading the paragraph above has me sitting on the edge of my chair. My heart os beating just a little quicker and my mouth is starting to feel a little dry. And that’s just reading about it!

And these are exactly the times when it’s often best to book your massage visits.

Whether they’re a change to your regular schedule (we’re always accommodating!) or a that special visit to just help everyone get through this ultra-busy period.

Here’s why:

  • You’re not super human. You need to eat, drink and rest.
  • Even a 10 minute Corporate Massage is like taking a mini-holiday.
  • Even a few minutes of ‘downtime’ will boost your productive ‘uptime’.
  • Often, a surprise visit can work wonders, however simply the thought of an impending massage visit starts the physical and mental changes for recipients.
  • An individual massage need only take 10 minutes out of your frantic day.
  • Your body is flooded with feel good endorphins inviting relaxed breathing, clearer thought, improved posture and less tension in the key stress areas of the back, neck and shoulders.
  • Your massage can be taken at your own desk!
  • When the entire team is frantic, massage only ‘removes’ 1 person from the fray at a time.
  • The mood in the team is more positive permeated by feelings of appreciation for colleagues and employer.
  • It takes next to no time to organise. We make it easy.

So don’t let the old “We’re too busy” chestnut get in the way.

Our massage visits will only help you get through your frantic time efficiently and it’s got to be said, more pleasurably.

And your team deserves that when more is being asked of them.