Our Corporate Massage practitioner highlights: Kath Crumblin

Showcasing the best of the corporate massage wellbeing professionals who partner with Seated Massage, helping you and your people engage more fully with the world around them.

Corproate Massage Wellbeing therapist
The gorgeous Kath Crumblin.

After a career move to the world of professional massage, Kath is a welcome addition to the Seated Massage Family.

A single mum responsible for 2 sons, Kath is an example to many of how to live a conscious life.

Please tell everyone who you are.

I’m Kath Crumblin. A massage practitioner and art teacher, I’m grateful to be living in what I believe are times of great positive change.

So many advancements in technology are adding to our lives as we find balance with the natural energies of Earth.

My aim is to live simply with integrity, honesty and love, listening and trusting myself as much as possible, as I appreciate all that is happening for and around me.

Is Corporate Massage ‘it’ for you or do you apply your skills in private practice? If yes, how and where?

Corporate massage is a great area to work in.  I’m truly loving the work I do with Seated Massage as they are well-organised and helpful with any issues I may have.

I enjoy making a positive contribution to the daily lives of office workers and working-in with other practitioners.

Down the track I hope to study Diploma of Remedial massage and set up a private practice.

It takes a special kind of person to work as a touch practitioner. Why do you do it?

Family members and friends told me I’m good at massage so their comments encouraged me to study massage therapy.

I love the human form, not only from an artist’s perspective, but from a therapists’ as well and learning about anatomy and physiology for the Cert. IV added to my knowledge about our inner life and processes involved.

I like the investigative nature of massage therapy where I can draw on my understanding of body processes and life experiences to “treat” a client and hopefully improve their well-being.

I love seeing the positive change in clients after massage. It’s a profession that quietly and humbly exists in our medical system and its impact on our community is underestimated and sometimes overlooked.

How does what you do every day contribute to the greater good of your community, or thinking big, the planet!?

Massage therapy helps to enable clients to be “touched” in a safe and practical way, when being “touched” appropriately may not be available to some clients.

This simple act may teach a client to then go out into the community and touch or treat others differently, with respect, dignity and care.

Each therapy session may lead to a client feeling a sense of being nurtured, feeling more connected and loved and this would certainly contribute to making a difference in our communities and beyond.

And very importantly, because you’re a normal (super) human, what is the most normal thing about you?

Massage therapy seems “normal” to me, ‘like I have done it before’ and I am just picking up the techniques again.

I feel “normal” as I flow with my energy and the clients when I perform massage. It is a natural and good space for me to be in and helps me feel calm and centred.

Poignant words from Kath ..

[Massage is a ] .. profession that quietly and humbly exists in our medical system and its impact on our community is underestimated and sometimes overlooked.

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