Practitioner highlights: The consistently fabulous Georgia Lagoudakis.

Our regular series, showcasing the best of the corporate massage wellbeing professionals who partner with Seated Massage helping you and your people feel fantastic!

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The very lovely and talented Georgia Lagoudakis


Georgia is a Melbourne local so it’s a sad thing we don’t get to regularly see her and experience her magic touch.

Melburnians, you are fortunate in many ways and having Georgia providing corporate massage and other wellbeing options in your fair city is pretty high on the ‘yes we’re very fortunate for these reasons’ list.

Here’s a bit of what makes her tick.



Please tell everyone who you are.

Hello, my name is Georgia and I am someone who loves life, health and wellbeing and who is passionate in making a difference to peoples lives by being the best version of myself.

I am a patient person, committed to helping others discover who they truly are and living a life of less stress and pain.

Is Corporate Massage ‘it’ for you or do you apply your skills in private practice? If yes, how and where?

Corporate Massage is an element that supports my whole vision of health and wellbeing.

I also provide my massage service in combination with art therapy through a private practice in Newport and I also see clients at their houses as a mobile massage therapist.

It takes a special kind of person to work as a touch practitioner. Why do you do it?

Touch is very important to me and I know the difference it makes to others when they can feel safe, connected with me and their bodies and allow themselves to relax and release tension, stress and emotional heaviness.

It, also, feels natural to me to be doing this kind of work and I feel more connected to people this way.

How does what you do every day contribute to the greater good of your community, or thinking big, the planet!?

It allows more people to be in touch with who they are, their bodies, their emotions, their personal stress and pain, their mental chatter and maybe for some their spiritual side.

I believe by safely providing a service to others, that can be so personal, can shift their way of being and thinking in the long run and there can be a ripple effect to the community and the planet.

And very importantly, because you’re a normal (super) human and like to do normal (super) human things too, what is the most normal thing about you?

I love socialising, travelling the world, dancing as I like, creating fun events and simply being me:))

Wow! An amazing young woman. Considering Georgia’s answers reminds us how powerful relationships are when values are very much aligned. It could have been us answering these questions. I guess that’s why we love partnering with her so much.