The quality / quantity conundrum. And when we say no to a client.

We decided long ago to pursue quality over quantity. It always takes precedence. However quantity doesn't necessarily mean lower quality.

Corporate wellbeing needn't be this complex.
With this many in the air, it’s impossible to focus on them all. pic luca upper.

‘Quantity’ is simply an amount of something. And quality control can be applied.

You see, quality of service delivery is foremost for us, yet our larger clients – those with many hundreds or even thousands of employees – don’t present us a quality control issue.

Because we provide the same client-centred focus to them as we do our clients with a handful of people.

Where it does work

It’s not about numbers of staff or massage recipients. It’s about the overall number of businesses (clients) we accept and partner with at a given time.

Our priority is to always ensure you receive the level of service you expect. Any number of individuals can then be massaged as a consequence.

Where it doesn’t work

Where we see a breakdown occur for other massage providers is in their desire for quantity: having a vast number of clients. Far too often quantity over quality. This just doesn’t make any sense to us.

We’d rather politely advise a prospective client we can’t work with them presently if we don’t believe they will receive the service quality we promise.

When quality and quantity meet

And the wonderful thing is, because most appreciate the highest level of service, they are willing to wait a little bit longer for their visit. Until we can give them our best. Usually, it’s not too long!

Churning out thousands of widgets rapidly can present quality control issues. Our client needs and wants and our ability to meet and exceed them needn’t. This then is a meeting of quality and quantity.