Ask your people when looking for corporate wellbeing solutions.

Office health, wellness at work, corporate wellbeing, mindfulness practices - whatever you call it at your place, is all about your people. They are aimed at them, they are for them.


They’re lining up to be asked. Pic:

We understand you want to engage and motivate your people. You want to inspire them. You want them to align more with your company values, mission and purpose.

So it stands to reason you’d consider involving your people – all or perhaps a select group, depending on your business size, in helping choose your solutions and providers.

Treat your people as more than paid labourers, as actual stakeholders with the power to affect outcomes, and they’ll feel far more valued for the job they do.

They feel they have a voice and their choices matter. This boosts morale and is a way of enhancing prosocial behaviour encouraging your people to speak up and involve themselves more in their day to day at work. To the benefit of all.

Employee relations, more often that not considered a program rolled out by HR, can simply be the sustainable development of more inclusive and open relating between employer and employee and between colleagues.

And a very simple and effective way to create this can be through engaging your people in the decision making process around choosing your (their) wellbeing solutions provider.

Don’t simply provide for them, involve them in the process. Gamify it. Make it fun and rewarding.

Ask them what service they’d prefer. Split them into teams. Then task them with researching providers, citing specific criteria you require, reporting back to you with their findings.

It will take your wellbeing solution to another level if your people are not only happy and comfortable with whomever is selected but that they know they played a vital role in the process of selection.

Your people have a wealth of knowledge much of which may be untapped.

Make your work day easier by turning on the tap, including them in the process and then reap the rewards of more engaged people.

What happens once you’ve booked? It’s time to get excited!