Highlighting the dependable Martin Leaver. He is the genuine article.

Our series of practitioner highlights continues this week with one of our go-to Melbourne practitioners, Martin Leaver.

This how he rolls (with his massage chair!)

Martin is a go-to practitioner for us because we consider him a a vital part of our team. He isn’t simply a contracted practitioner. He is more than that. As someone so good at what he does, we rely on him to do the good work we are tasked with by our clients and he does so unflinchingly.

Please tell everyone who you are.

Hi, My name is Martin. I have been a massage practitioner for eight years.

Is Corporate Massage ‘it’ for you or do you apply your skills in private practice? If yes, how and where?

I mostly practice corporate massage by day and see a small number of private clients for deep-tissue work.

Corporate Massage practitioner MelbourneIt takes a special kind of person to work as a massage professional. Why do you do it?

It is the most rewarding of careers. I love to see the quite dramatic changes that can occur in my clients following a good massage. Real gratitude cannot be faked, and I get to experience it all the time!

How does what you do every day contribute to the greater good of your community, or thinking big, the planet!?

My regular clients report real improvements to the way they feel; they look forward to their massages. They notice a negative difference if they miss a session.

I love making such a difference to their lives and uplifting the morale of their companies and, therefore, my community.

And very importantly, because you’re a normal (super) human and like to do normal (super) human things too, what is the most normal thing about you?

I prefer to arrive at the workplace carrying as little of my own stress as possible. For this reason, I ride my bike as much as I can in order to avoid public transport and road-traffic rage! Plus, I keep fit getting to and from work.

A quiet and unassuming man, of few words. Thanks for sharing with us Martin. We value you greatly.