Highlighting the dedicated, loyal and super professional Keturah Stoltenberg.

Our series of practitioner highlights continues this week with the über practitioner that is Keturah Stoltenberg.

Keturah weaving her magic.

We couldn’t be more pleased to still have Keturah sharing her skills with Seated Massage clients after so many years. Keturah is a practitioner we wish we could clone.

She makes our life easier because of her unwavering professionalism and the lives of those she touches so much better through her skilled and loving touch.

Keturah is an inspiration to so many.

Please tell everyone who you are.

Hello! My name is Keturah Stoltenberg, and I am most importantly, a mother of two healthy energetic and adventurous boys, aged 11 & 16. They keep me on my toes!

I am also a passionate Remedial Massage Therapist with a keen interest in the needs of mothers and their families.

Is Corporate Massage ‘it’ for you or do you apply your skills in private practice? If yes, how and where?

Primarily my tactile therapy revolves around women. A favourite area is Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal, and I practice in a Physiotherapy Clinic in Annandale.

One aspect of my work that I love is being privileged to attend a woman’s birth and support her with the miracle of birth.

It takes a special kind of person to work as a touch practitioner. Why do you do it?

With unique (& chronic) health issues myself, I was acutely aware of the power & positivity of the ‘right’ form of touch.

I want to share my insight and compassion for others and their health & wellbeing and facilitate a difference in their lives, as touch has indeed made a difference in mine.

How does what you do every day contribute to the greater good of your community, or thinking big, the planet!?

Helping an individual feel better, can inspire & empower that person to encourage other individuals to feel better. This means one by one, we can ALL make and be the difference!

And very importantly, because you’re a normal (super) human and like to do normal (super) human things too, what is the most normal thing about you?

I love reading, spending quality time with my family, and entertaining friends in our home. I particularly enjoy growing my collection of antique fine china – that brings a smile to my face!

Thanks for sharing with us Keturah. You are a vital part of the Seated Massage team. We sincerely hope you choose to share your talents with us for a long time to come.