When ‘keep it simple’ is the best policy.

The Oxford dictionary explains 'simple' as: "Easily understood or done. Presenting no difficulty." This is exactly our approach to workplace wellbeing.

Clutter free. Keeping it simple. pic: Alvin Engler

There’s no need to complicate your approach to wellbeing at work. I’m pretty sure we all have enough complication in our lives already. Why add to it?

Workplace wellbeing needn’t be boring, complicated or bogged down in rhetoric. Long winded seminars, presentations and flyers are all well and good but for many, fall on deaf ears with those required to attend or read, switching off pretty quickly if interested at all.

A simple and effective personal experience is often all that is required.

We pride ourselves on simplicity being one of our core values. The point is, we’re trying to rid your workplace of unwanted and often cumbersome wellbeing approaches. We say:

Keep it Simple
  • Massage is beautifully simple. Don’t turn it into more than it is or need be.
  • Wellbeing needn’t be boring, complicated or bogged down in rhetoric.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Or the big stuff. If it’s sweat producing, simplify.
  • When something is simple, it’s more accessible, efficient and less stressful.

Have you asked your people what they’d prefer? You might be pleasantly surprised to find the answer to be simple, regular, efficient massage sessions.