What makes a great workplace? Trust.

Conscious Company Magazine recently interviewed Great Place To Work CEO Michael Bush. He spoke about some of their latest research on what makes a great place to work.

pic: danielle macinnes

Since 1991, Great Place To Work has surveyed a staggering number of people – more than a 100 million at 10’s of 1000’s of firms in 44 countries around the world – blue and white collar and all levels of pay grade.

And for 2017, ‘trust’ is the root of the tree according to Bush. He says a company can’t have engaged, productive and importantly, happy employees if they don’t feel trusted.

According to Michael Bush, some key ingredients of the trust mix are:

Do people get thanked for the work that they do? Do they feel cared for as human beings, and not just employees?

This particularly jumped out at us when we read it. Because why we do what we do is to engender the interplay of caring behaviours in the workplace – between employer and employee and colleague to colleague. All the while increasing prosocial activity.

Trust is multifaceted. It involves people feeling psychologically safe as determined by Google’s Aristotle project in recent years. And it involves people feeling a sense of camaraderie, that they’re a part of something larger than themselves, therefore taking greater pride in the work that they do because they know it matters.

Trust crosses industries, borders, ages and genders. It is essential for all in business, everywhere.

Dig deeper into the workplace perks and benefits many receive and what is most often found is an expression of care by an employer. This is a vital ingredient to developing, building and maintaining relationship and trust within the workplace.

We asked a prominent tech company recently (a valued Seated Massage client) if they belive their regular Seated Massage visits strengthen relationships with and amongst their people. Their answer was emphatic:

Absolutely. When people are appreciated and cared for in their workplace, it brings out their best work. It sends a message that the company I work for cares about me.

Read the full Conscious Company article with Michael Bush here.