Meaningful work for Good People.

We like to think we're doing something right. Because we seem to attract amazing like minded professionals who simply want to make your world a better place.

Mental Health Week, Martin Place. Providing feel good experiences to take out into the world.

An important part of our mission as a business is “to provide meaningful work to good people”. And caring for the people who in turn care for your people is paramount for us. It’s a virtuous circle of relationship.

Professional Corporate Massage is no easy task. It can be inconsistent work for a practitioner. Long days filled with people of all shapes, sizes and needs, conducting massage in all manner of locations (even storerooms and kitchens!). The ability to adapt quickly is key.

It is a profession of choice, not circumstance. It is one for the true givers of the world and definitely not for the faint of heart.

However the driving force behind almost all professional corporate massage practitioners is understanding the profound effects positive touch has on others. They know that it can literally sustain life.

Seated Massage practitioners know they are doing good work in and for the world. They know they are encouraging others, through touch, to go back out into the world and share their re-kindled feelings of delight, of relaxed joy. To touch others positively, simply through how they are with them.

And they know this can proliferate. We focus on the many by first touching the individual.

These are the true and simple reasons we become massage practitioners. And this is the meaningful work we do. As good people and for good people.