Can a simple t-shirt help the environment and make business sense?

Yes to both. We needed new t-shirts to reflect a cleaner and warmer look and feel. And the inevitable question arose: "Do we go ethical or fast"?

The finished product. Simple, clean, ethical and carbon neutral.


As of late 2015 according to Forbes, the apparel industry accounted for 10% of global carbon emissions and remains the second largest industrial polluter, second only to oil.

They are appalling figures. And whilst there are many other ways to reduce our collective carbon footprint, we live by the rule that every aspect of our lives, every decision we make in business and personally, needs to be a conscious one regarding impact.

We investigated. We researched. We spent time on determining whether ethical or fast was the best choice for us and just as importantly, for all involved in the entire supply chain of producing our end product.


We found Earth Positive organic t-shirts and Tooth’n Nail and decided to engage both.

Earth Positive is a Swedish brand, producing climate neutral t-shirts with materials grown organically, ethically and sustainably in India. Their entire supply chain is transparent and vetted. We were impressed! Nothing to hide here. And yes, we purchased them through an Australian supplier OCC Apparel.

Jake Holmes and his print and artists studio in Adelaide.

Tooth’n Nail is a local (to us) Adelaide based print and artists studio run by Jake Holmes. Jake still prints t-shirts by hand, using non-toxic inks. We loved the fact we could have locally hand printed t-shirts. And it was no mean feat – we’re talking a couple hundred t-shirts. Jake had his work cut out for him.


  • The finished product is amazing! Fast and cheap can’t touch these for quality. See some of our practitioners rocking these understated t’s.
  • We are sticking to our values and mission of doing the right thing and benefitting environmental and social causes. 
  • We are a certified B Corp and as such we exist to use our business as a force for good.
  • It’s super important to us that we are being an example to those we work closely with and represent us – our practitioners. If we don’t walk our talk the relationship breaks down.
  • We’ve learnt fast and cheap is not sustainable. And unsustainable is bad business.
  • The financial cost was outweighed by the quality of the end product and knowing we are doing our bit to mitigate fast fashion and the unruly supply chains that still exist.
  • Our clients appreciate the effort we put in to make a positive difference with and for all stakeholders.