Same same, but different.

How do you know you've selected the best Corporate Massage provider for your needs? Corporate Massage providers are all the same, right? Wrong.

How transparent is your provider? Pic: Pahala Basuki.

Really, we are all the same if you simply look at how most providers describe themselves and what they do  –  corporate massage. And the crux of it is, you want massage at work. And there’s plenty of small and large corporate massage providers chomping at the bit to gain your business.

They may not take the time however to find out who you are, how you operate, what’s going on internally at your company or simply what solution you’re looking for. But sure, they’ll no doubt undercut the last quote you received and happily send one or more practitioners your way.

It’s not until you consider how and why a provider does what they do, can you understand the differences. And that is worthy of your attention.

Do you really care?

If all you want is some massage at work for the lowest price and you don’t really care who is visiting you, then we wish you well. A transaction takes place and a commodity is purchased, to the ultimate dissatisfaction of all stakeholders.

Over the years, we’ve picked up quite a bit of business from disgruntled former clients of low cost / quick fix / low impact providers. (Thanks! to those providers.)

And quick fix, low impact isn’t us. Not even close.

Understanding our customers’ needs, focusing on the customer experience, service delivery and the good we do is far too important to our clients and to us to warrant reactive discounting and not fully understanding or caring about who we’re visiting.

So we can’t help but regularly ask questions of ourselves and others in our industry. Such as …

Why can’t all massage providers be completely honest and transparent from the outset with their clients? Do they have something to hide?

For those who value, being valued

Our experience is of our clients placing great importance on what we now describe as our vital differentials. Stuff we’ve always thought of as everyday and standard. So let’s see if you agree with the following …

  • Complete Transparency in all communications and pricing
  • Accountability for our actions
  • Inclusive Of All regardless of gender, race, the physically challenged and even political persuasion.
  • Total Honesty in all dealings
  • Helping In Unexpected Ways
  • Client-centred Customer Experience
  • The clear communication that Nothing Is Too Much Trouble
  • Rapid Response Times
  • Amazing Massage Practitioners who as sub-contractors, will choose to work with and represent Seated Massage over other providers because of strong shared values and how they feel knowing they are a significant part of the Seated Massage team.
  • Our Investing in the most impactful social and environmental causes

Our core values – Do the right thing – Focus on relationship – Keep it simple.

These are relatable to our clients and shared by our representing practitioners.

Your providers’ service should be glowing! You needn’t settle for less. Pic: Mike Wilson

We don’t have time to stuff around with ‘average’, do you?

Most of us will judge a restaurant by the entire experience, not only the food. We’ll recommend a retail outlet because of the service we received. And we’ll appreciate our morning takeaway coffee just that little bit more because the barista remembered our name.

It’s the complete package – the valued and vital differentials that make experiences remarkable, longer lasting and sought out.

So please, don’t ever assume all corporate massage providers are the same and you’re only buying massage.

Because you’re not. Or needn’t be. You’re buying a complete solution. And yes, corporate massage providers are the same, to a limited point, with differences worthy of your attention.