Highlighting – the unassuming man that is Sammy Lee

A series of posts featuring the wonderful massage practitioners who generously provide us and our clients with their warm personalities and deft touch.

Sammy Lee

Samuel Lee, or ‘Sammy’ as he is know to us and legions of fans in workplaces and at events all over Sydney, started partnering with us only this year.

And we’re so glad he did.

Sammy leaves the most positively indelible impression on all those he touches and works alongside.

Sammy gifts everyone with his skill as a massage practitioner and as a person. It is the way he is with people as much as what he does to them as a practitioner that is remarked upon and remembered.

When we asked Sammy if he could tell us more about himself through the usual ‘practitioner highlight’ questions we ask, he politely declined. “But Sammy! … ” we cried. “You’re an amazing practitioner and people would love to know more about you“.

Sammy’s response was: “Thank you however I’d rather remain low key. As long as I always give my best self to everyone that is more powerful than talking about myself”.

That’s Sammy Lee to a tee. We’re honoured to partner with him.