Being good for our community is surprisingly easy!

Here's an example of something we did recently. Tell us if it inspires you. We hope so!

Lou's Place
Lou’s Place.

Towels and tissues can make a difference. Who’d have thought!

There are some amazing organisations in the humanity sector, flying under the radar for a variety of reasons, one of which is they often don’t attract corporate funding. And little to no government support.

We love these organisations. Because they’re quietly and gently going about their business of making massive positive differences in people’s lives. Like us.

And eventually, someone notices. And then another and the ground swell of support starts.

Don’t get me wrong, being seen and heard is vital to survival. Especially for organisations in the not for profit sector. Cake stalls and raffles will only ever get them so far. If you haven’t seen it, watch Dan Pallotta’s TED talk – “The way we think about charity is wrong”.  Amazing eye (and heart) opener. Incredibly intelligent man – emotionally and intellectually.

It’s in our DNA as people and as a business to assist these smaller, grass roots organisations whenever and in whatever way we can.

The story …

We were asked recently by a major corporate client based in Sydney to pull the stock of towels and tissues we were tasked with supplying as part of our massage service provision to them. They decided to take that back on internally. And we’re talking a lot of towels and tissue boxes here. And this needed to be done like, yesterday!

Manly Womens Shelter
Manly Womens Shelter.

We could have seen this is a negative. Drop what we’re doing and deal with this task that isn’t part of our core business and as such a time and resource sucker.

However we saw it as an opportunity. A way to help others. To pay forward. Immediately, we were conscious of the fact that a whole lot of perfectly good, ethically produced and renewable product needed a new home. A home where they could make a real difference for a lot of people.

We’d put a lot of work into researching and then purchasing the most sustainable product we could find for our client site – like we always do – and wanted to be sure they could continue to be well used.

So with the help of our great friend and much loved colleague, Michael Bending (an amazing Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner – highlighted in another blog post on our site) and the awesome green and sustainable launderer Lavenderia Group – who regularly scrupulously laundered and without needing to be asked, repaired our towels, the towels and tissue box cartons were divided up and delivered to three amazing organisations in Sydney.

Who we helped

The Asylum Resource Centre in Newtown – a place of welcome and hospitality for refugees and asylum seekers; Lou’s Place in Potts Point – the only daytime refuge for women in crisis in Sydney and the Manly Womens Shelter in Manly – providing crisis accommodation for women on the northern beaches.

We simply called and told them the story of the items and they couldn’t have been more thankful. A couple of others we called were thankful but simply didn’t want or need the items we had to offer.

Who and what do you feel most strongly about?

Who do you feel could do with your help in your community? Ask yourself these questions and you’ll narrow your choices right down. Then ask around. Friends, colleagues and of course Mr and Mrs Google.

Some organisations need stuff, some need your time. And others need both. Just ask.

Asylum Seeker Centre - Mike with the tireless Jamie Lee.
Asylum Seeker Centre – Mike with the tireless Jamie Lee.

So even towels and tissues can make a difference. We certainly don’t recommend you dumping your unneeded and particularly old stuff on charities. They don’t want or need that. We’re just trying to inspire others to look around them – within their own communities – and see what can be done or given to help. To really help.

Keeping it going ..

Ok. We’re off to do some tree planting and scrubland regeneration with Conservation Volunteers and Trees For Life next. Care to join us? Get out there. Get doing. Get contributing. It’s another way to feel fantastic!

Tell us how we can help you work out who and what might be the best fit for you individually or for your business! 

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