Highlighting .. The incredible talent that is Susan Morrow.

A series of posts featuring some of the wonderful practitioners who generously provide us and our clients with their warm personalities and deft touch.

Corporate Massage practitioner extraordinnaireSusan and Seated Massage go back a few years. A woman of many talents, she doesn’t limit herself to just the one field of endeavour. So we couldn’t be happier Susan still considers working with us. Thanks Susan! We love you xx

Please tell everyone who you are.

Hello everyone. I’m Susan. I’m told I have very good hands and, at my stage in life, I’ll take any compliment I can get!

Is Corporate Massage ‘it’ for you or do you apply your skills in private practice? If yes, how and where?

It’s corporate massage by day and other things by night for me. I have a very small private practice for people who share my passion for colour. I use the Aura-Soma colour care system to take my relaxation massages to another level. I work from home in Newport, Victoria.

It takes a special kind of person to work as a touch practitioner. Why do you do it?

I massage because I like the difference massages can make to a person, whether it’s a really quick neck and shoulders massage or a more indulgent one hour treatment.

How does what you do every day contribute to the greater good of your community, or thinking big, the planet!?

For me, the most relevant issue of our time is how we connect with our community. If spending time massaging a group of staff members raises the morale of that group for the day or even longer, then that has to be a really good outcome.

And very importantly, because you’re a normal super-human and like to do normal super-human things too, what is the most normal thing about you? (C’mon, it’s just us and thousands of others reading …)

Ok. Like it or not, I’m an AFL tragic. There – I’ve said it. But as odd as it may seem, I don’t go to many games, preferring instead to listen to the commentary of the before and after and watching the ridiculous AFL shows on TV. Sigh!
We all have our stories and they’re all worth telling. Thanks for allowing all of us to experience a little bit more of who you are Susan. Xx