We’re the first massage company in the world certified a B Corp! Here’s why that matters.

We've used business as a force for good forever. So who are the ultimate beneficiaries?

Stu and Lena - owners and drivers of Seated Massage.
Stu and Lena – owners and drivers of Seated Massage.  Pic credit: Bayley Broome-Peake

Seated Massage became a certified B Corporation in 2015.

(See our 2015 assessment results here)
(See our 2017 re-certification results here)

And we are incredibly proud to exclaim we are the first massage company in the world to be certified! Our goal is to not only be the best Corporate Massage company in the world, but the best for the world.

B Corps are generally for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes* who have undertaken a rigorous standards assessment created by the non-profit ‘B Lab’ in the U.S. B Corps are the leaders of a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

They must be able to prove and display their positive social and environmental impact, accountability and transparency. In short, B Corporations are not only striving to be the best in the world, but also the best for the world.

We became a B Corp because we want to stand for something and not be just another massage company lost in the mire of averageness.

We  provide current and prospective clients with clear reason to engage with a supplier who is stepping up and doing more than just their job and offering a clear distinction between providers in the market place.

blogoBecoming a certified B Corp provides recognition and legitimises the good we do. And it presents a platform for us to consider, measure, formalise and integrate more profound social and environmental impact for the greater good within our industry, our community and beyond. We have become part of an far reaching community of like-minded businesses who have the common good foremost in mind when going about their day to day business.

And as a valued client of Seated Massage, you can rest assured you are doing business with a supplier whose positive impact on the world goes beyond the walls of your workplace.

By engaging us, you are helping provide meaningful work to good people (your visiting practitioners) and assisting the vitally important social and environmental organisations and non-profits we actively support and engage with such as OzHarvest and 1% For the Planet

Why being first matters.

As trail blazers and thought leaders we have been first to market in numerous ways over the years. We were the first in Australia to provide a truly national corporate massage service for instance.

It is imperative to us that we are providing a service of value as much as a service steeped in values for our clients. And we think this is where being first truly matters: When we are creating ways both operationally and that are purpose and mission driven all focussed on making a positive difference to those we come into contact with daily.

We became a B Corp as much for our clients, our practitioner base and our industry as a whole, as we did for ourselves.

And we encourage others in our industry to join us on this journey. After all, it is those we all touch daily whom we wish be the greatest beneficiaries.