Our Policies

The following are our basic policies and criteria for our charitable giving and for engaging significant suppliers, contractors, partners and products.

Reasons to be happy
Pic credit: Brigitte Tohm


We wouldn’t have a business without the assistance of others. Preference is given to those ..

  • Local to our headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia, or living and working within a 50km radius of where their service or product is required.
  • Who are a B Corp certified business wherever possible.
  • Predominantly female operated, owned or co-owned. A minimum 60% female contractor and supplier engagement is our policy.
  • Able to meet the strict criteria set by us, including professional standards and social and environmental measures.
  • Massage professionals who align with our cultural values for promoting sustainable business practices and provide us with current professional indemnity insurance; current first aid certification; at least one current professional association membership; a current (not older than 1 years) Police or Criminal check notice. Minimum 60% female practitioner engagement is our policy.

All financial transactions with suppliers and partners are equitable, non-discriminatory and made clear when we engage with them.

Charitable giving policy

It is Seated Massage policy to support proven, impactful charities and causes with a higher than average female recipient base. These charities focus on but are not restricted to assisting, underserved, marginalised, low income-extreme poor individuals.

Currently OzHarvest is the recipient of our charitable giving through direct financial donation, volunteer time and our practitioner donation program.

Equipment and supplies policy

Seated Massage are fanatical about re-cycling and re-using (repurposing), wherever and whenever possible. We always recommend attempting to repair a product before considering replacing it.

We believe the most sustainable product to (re)use is one that already exists.

Seated Massage only purchase and recommend products and supplies from manufacturers and re-sellers we deem to be leaders in their field for sustainable practices. We speak directly with and question manufacturers and suppliers / resellers and gauge levels of transparency from the information they provide on their websites etc.

If they’re not accountable for their supply chain and processes, we’ll go elsewhere until we find those who are.

Disposal of waste policy

  • No toxic waste is produced in the application of our services.
  • Electronic items are disposed of via the techcollect.com.au waste disposal sites locally.
  • Computer equipment is either on-sold or disposed of via Apple Computers recycling program.
  • Batteries etc are disposed of via Battery World’s recycling program.
  • Ancillary Printer cartridge recycling is via Officeworks recycling program.
  • Ancillary recyclable paper and plastics is via fortnightly local council pickup.