When much of the world is watching, say it loud, say it proud.

How wonderful it was to see and hear Leonardo DiCaprio focus on climate change during his acceptance speech at the Oscars in front of tens of millions of people.


Pic credit: NASA
Pic credit: NASA

It was wonderful, because he had the ears and eyes of so many upon him and he could have simply walked up, said “thanks” and walked off again. But he didn’t.

He chose to make a stand for what he believes is right and just. He chose to use his moment for the greater good and his speech has become the talking point of the 2016 Oscars.

It got us thinking about what else we can do as a business to reduce our footprint and encourage others in our industry to do the same.

Of course the nay-sayers, trolls and other ‘experts’ are all having their say in response. And sure, it likely was a ‘Chinook wind’ that melted the snow when they were filming in Canada (a common occurrence in Winter apparently), forcing them to move elsewhere.

And yes the film industry would likely be a big polluter, something no doubt he is not proud of. But he stood up there and delivered a powerful few lines all the same.

And if those few lines encourage more people to consider their impact on the environment then it was a good thing. A very good thing. We applaud you Leonardo DiCaprio and the incredible foundation you have put your name to.

But we can’t all be on the stage at the Oscars to say our piece or make our mark.

However we can all do our bit, small as those bits may seem. And if we all do our bit, then that is how we believe lasting change takes place.

At Seated Massage we take our environmental impact seriously. But you know, it doesn’t take much to do so. Mostly desire.

We operate day to day with part of Patagonia’s mission statement front of mind “Cause no unnecessary harm”. Our primary aim is to measure our impact so to actively work at reducing any negative impact.